Liquid Ammonia Pumps

Moniba Pumps is one of the most renowned Liquid Ammonia Pumps Manufacturer in India, Supplier and Exporter in India. Our Liquid ammonia Pumps have been fabricated from the best quality of metals specially designed to perform adequately even in the hardest working conditions. Moniba pumps offer a complete collection of high grade ammonia pumps for the vast industry. The ammonia pumps are intricately designed for effective transfer and re-circulation of ammonia gas. We, being a Liquid Ammonia Pumps Manufacturer, produce the products with extremely high durability and are absolutely leak proof. They are also highly resistant to abrasion.

The Liquid Ammonia Pumpsare built with fully compatible graded cast iron body with versatile impeller shaft. Our pump casing and the internal components can either be carbon steel or stainless steel depending upon the process requirements. We are considered one of a kind in the category of Liquid Ammonia Pumps Manufacturer in India as the liquid Ammonia pumps manufactured by us has a very rugged and conducive design which enables its smooth and noise-free running.

The Liquid Ammonia Pumps generate exceedingly high differential pressure at low NPSH along with auto control capabilities. Our pumps can work in temperature as low as -120 deg C. Along with various material configuration options, the Liquid Ammonia Pumps will fit well into a large array of applications.

The Liquid Ammonia Pumps can be used in various refrigeration plants, ice plants, cold storages, sea food industries, frozen food processing plant and in many other industries.The Liquid Ammonia Pumps can also be customized to fulfil the clients requirements whilst keeping in mind the industry standards.

Moniba Pumps is one of the leading and valuable Liquid Ammonia Pumps Manufacturer in India which offer all variety of pumps to their clients at a very rational rate given all its extraordinary qualities. The products are thoroughly examined by the Inspection Team on various parameters before being provided to the clients.

We also aim in spreading our products outside the boundaries of the nation and become a successful Liquid Ammonia Pumps Exporter in India. We wish to successfully administer the exporting business and spread across the globe to provide quality Ammonia Pumps world-wide. All our clients are precious to us and we wish to increase our business to encourage quality products and manufacturing system to the whole world.



  • No mechanical seal or its API systems
  • No coupling
  • No external lubrication
  • Vacuum light
  • Hermetically sealed with Secondary fluid Containment.
  • No rigid foundation.
  • Compact- saves 40%space.
  • Flame proof and explosion Proof.


  • Zero emission
  • No alignment
  • No product loss
  • Longest MTBF
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Lowest cost of operation

An Ideal Selection for all Pumps Users.

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