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Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers

Moniba Pumps is one of the leading Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers in India and Suppliers in India. The Industrial Hose Pump manufactured by us is a two roller peristaltic pump which are specially designed to handle corrosive slurries, vicious fluids and other aggresive chemicals which are usually difficult to pump with any other type of positive displacement.

The basic principle of the Peristaltic Hose Pump traces back to human “peristalsis” a term referring to the alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles around a tube to force the contents through it. An elastomeric tube is squeezed along a length by rollers that push the fluid contained within. The tube’s restitution after squeezing produces a vacuum that draws fluid continuously into the tube.

This creates a gentle pumping action that doesn’t cause any damage to the product. Contaminations are avoided because the fluid is contained within the tube (one contact part with product).The pump employs a rotor with rollers mounted on it that continually compress and occlude some portion of the tube. This action moves the fluid through the tube with a constant rate of displacement for each revolution of the rotor, enabling a precise measurement of the volume of fluid pumped through the tube.

Being one of the most prominent Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers in India, we, at Moniba Pumps, adhere to the best practices while manufacturing the products. The offered products and services are completely error-free so the end user experiences maximum satisfaction. The Positive displacement pumps create a pumping action by alternatively compressing & relaxing the hose between pump housing and compressing rollers. This positive displacement then generates one of the finest quality of pumps as the corrosion level is minimised to the least mark, thereby increasing the effective and smooth functioning of the product. Reliability and Durability of the pumps manufactured is restored and maintained for a long industrial life. Apart from this, timely checks and tests are performed to check the performance of the product. We are thus proud to be one of the leading and eminent Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers in India in the industry.

Industrial Pumps or as we say Peristaltic Hose Pumps and Tube pumps are the ideal solution for pumping liquids and dosing chemicals. Peristaltic Hose Pumps are used in many industries including: water and wastewater, mining, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, printing and packaging. We are thus, considered one of the finest Peristaltic Hose Pumps Manufacturer in India in Mumbai, India.

Backed by our team of professionals, we have emerged as a successful Industrial Hose Pump Exporter. The Industrial Hose Pumps we make available are designed for pumping foam concrete and liquids with solid particles. We hold the expertise of delivering bulk orders of the Hose Pumps within the promised time frame. The entire range of the Hose Pumps is reasonably priced by us.

If ouy are searching for any information related to Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers or Production, then you can switch to Moniba Pumps. We will provide you all the neccessary information including pricing. We are also Polypropylene Pump Manufacturers, recognised around the boundaries and also across the globe to some extent.

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Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers


Moniba Pumps have proved to be one of the notable Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers in India. Apart from the quality assurance, some other benefits offered by the pumps manufactured at Moniba Anand are as follows :

  • It eliminates the requirement for adding a lubrication fluid inside the pump housing, because there is no friction on the surface of the tube therefore giving a longer tube life.
  • They can transfer food products with no con tamination hazards, as the pump housing is lubrication free.
  • With no lubrication fluid required, hose replacement is greatly simplified and cheaper without having to drain and dispose of a messy and possibly contaminated oil or glycerine solution.

Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers

Industries & Application

Abrasive Products
The Moniba Anand Pump is excellent on abrasive slurries where it has had much more success than other pumps. The Moniba Anand Pump parts stay out of the product zone and the hose is the only one thing that is in contact with the product, this keeping abrasive wear to a minimum. Products that crystallize are also well pumped by the Moniba Anand Pump. There are no valves or glands so the eventual build up of crystals could not clog the pump.

Corrosive Products
With corrosive fluids the hose selection is of paramount importance to the longevity of the pump. With the correct hose selection and no other contact mechanical parts in the product, this ensures a long pump life.

Fluids With Solid Parts Or Sensitive Products
A problematic product for many pump types is fluids with solid particles such as waste water with gravel, pieces of wood, concrete or foods, where as the peristaltic pump due to free tube-passage can easily transfer it without any product or pump damage. The Moniba Anand Pump is also a good choice for transferring shear-sensitive fluids or foamy products, the non emulsifying action minimises damage to the product or its consistency.

Viscous Products
The Moniba Anand Pump gives a strong self-priming suction which can draw almost full vacuum, producing the pull necessary to draw viscous materials such as honey, grout, resins or waste sludge, which is almost impossible for many other pump types.

Environmental Applications
There are two main environmental applications for the Moniba anand pump:
- Chemical metering
- Sludge transfer

  • Chemical metering:
    The most common is for Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Bisulfite, Ferric Chloride and some polymers, as well as lime slurry and carbon slurry. Above all with sodium hypochlorite that emits off gas, the Moniba anand pump doesn’t loose efficiency due to pockets of air, pumping together both liquid and gas
  • Sludge:
    The Moniba Anand Pump can handle many different kinds of sludge depending upon the level of treatment in a plant. It can feed and transfer thickened sludge, waste activated sludge, return activated sludge and corrosive sludge.

Abrasive Products
Corrosive Products
Fluids With Solid Parts Or Sensitive Products
Viscous Products
Environmental Applications


  • ceramic for high density ceramic slip tranfer
  • chemical industries-transfer of highly corrosive/ abrasive chemical slurry
  • Water and waste treatment-dosing of water treatment chemicals like powdered activated Carbon, lime, alum, hypochlorite
  • food and beverage-transfer of shear sensitive substances like milk, yeats, molases, chocolate, fruits
  • metallurgy-treatment and leaching of metal slurry
  • mining-transfer of high density mineral sludge, thickner underflow, metal tailings flocculant
  • Construction-concrete transfer, cellular light weight cement transfer
  • Paints and Pigments-acidic pigment slurry for filter press, high viscosity paint sludge
  • paper pulp-black/green/ white liquor transfer, treated paper plup transfer,hcl/hypo dosing.



  • No seals
  • No valves
  • Self priming
  • Only tube to replace
  • Reverse flow by reversing motor
  • No contact between product and mechanical parts
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Able to pump products with solid parts inside
  • Suitable for CIP applications

Uses: Transfer, feed, meter, filter of:

  • Fragile or sensitive fluids
  • Compound fluids
  • Abrasive and corrosive fluids
  • Non pollutable or pollutant fluids

Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers


Pump Model MOTOR HP Flow Range in LPH Max Solid size in MM
MOPSF-3 0.5 0-200 6
MOPSF-2 0.5 0-760 10
MOPSF-1 0.5 to 1.5 0-3150 15
Pump Model MOTOR HP Flow Range in LPH Max Solid size in MM
MOMS-1 1 to 5 0-7680 24
MOMS-2 2 to 7.5 0-17440 33
MOMS-3 3 to 10 0-30800 40


This parameters depend on size of pump

Temperature Max 95oC
Solid Size Max 40 MM
Solid % Max 80%
Viscosity 100000 CP
Use low RPM Continues
Use high RPM intermediate
Self Priming 9mtr of Water column
Delivery Head Up to 80 mtr


Hose Tube Selection

Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers

Accessories and optionals

Flanges DIN; ANSI;
DIN 11851 Threaded , Clamp, Tri-clamp, RJT, SMS, BSP threaded
In: S.S. 316,

Variable Gear Speed
Ratio 1-5

Frequency Inverter
Ratio 1-10

Pulse Dampeners
The pulse dampeners are suggested in case of negative suction and pressure over 2 bar; they ensure a better pump working and a longer tube life.
Three types are available:

Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers
The models of MS and SDF Serie can be equipped of feeder to feed products with solid parts or sensitive parts.

Leak detector
All MONIBA ANAND PUMP (optional for PSF Serie) are equipped of leak detector to provide early indication of hose failure. This is a float type sensor that is located at the lowest point of the pump housing.

Industrial Hose Pump Manufacturers

Vacuum system
This device helps the pump to suck viscous and thicky products.

Variable gear Speed
Frequency inverter
pluse dampeners
Leack dectector
vacuum system